Kismac for Leopard

I use Kismac a lot, and was saddened when I found out about the law that had been passed in Germany. I then upgraded to Leopard and discovered that the current version of Kismac didn't work with Leopard (something about changes in the wireless programming. I searched and searched, but to no avail, I could not find a Leopard version anywhere.

I finally went to resigning myself to subscribe to updates for Kismac before forgetting about it altogether. I searched and found Kismac, signed in and subscribed. Then I looked harder at the application I was subscribing to and noticed that there was a "r242" appended to the file name. I looked for a version number to verify that this was indeed the correct application. I did not find a version number, but instead I saw something that confused me greatly, "Mac OS X 10.5 or later." Somewhat shocked I downloaded it and found that was a mere 7mb, less than half of my current version. Somewhat doubtful, I opened the application and clicked the "scan now" button. Completely expecting to see the now regular "Kismac could not find your wireless card" (or something like that), I was shocked to see instead the familiar
"enter the administrative password now", still flabbergasted, I entered it and clicked ok. There was a pause and then in the lower right hand corner, seemingly in slow motion, the scanning icon begin spinning and almost immediately a couple networks appeared on the long, blank list.

Kismac is back!