Twitter is Dead

Well, maybe not dead; just useless.

I just read an article about how RSS was dead/dying/obsolete and how Twitter was the future. I would argue that the opposite is true.

What? But is has the up to date thoughts of everyone about everything.

Well it did. When I started (very weakly) on Twitter, yes, I could look at the most recent tweets and see a general opinion about just about everything. I even found out about Obama's Peace Prize and the Bombing of the moon through Twitter. After a while though it became more and more difficult to find information. I had to do a search to find information I wanted in-between all the other information. But this was to be expected with a growing service. More and more people were finding out about Twitter, and Opera even mentioned it.

But now it is impossible to find out about anything. I have been watching tweets about Inception and I started noticing something, I kept seeing the same tweets. Over and over again, the same tweets would appear, constantly being re-tweeted.

Sometimes all at once.

This somehow seems to be the way everything is on Twitter these days. Repetition after repetition after mindless repetition. I had thought that Twitter would be the future of news after the Hudson River story was originally reported on Twitter. But unless a major change occurs (at the risk of user wrath) Twitter will simply be a hosting site for spammed re-tweets. Its only real use being for friend updates.