iPod Touch 4? I Can't Wait

My guesses for the Apple event on Wednesday September 1st 2010

New iPod something
New iTunes
iPod Touch
     Front facing camera for Facetime
     iPhone4 design
Facetime in iPad
Maybe Facetime on desktop/laptops
iWork something (if not, in January)
iTv maybe

My biggest wish is that iTv would have this built in. Forget a gaming console, just wirelessly connect your iPhone or iPod Touch to your iTv and play on a big screen. Even better conect four and use Game Center to play against your friends. Apple could pull this off more elegently then Griffin, and it would be built into a device I'm sure Apple will make everyone want.

Imagine it. A console to compete with the Wii, but with the added bonus of having a use outside of the living room. Ah, what a wonderful future.

P.S. iJust saw that iMissed a punny pun iShould have taken advantage of in the title.