So... I've been thinking about the iPad. I feel a bit lost. Why the "worst Keynote ever" comments and the "behold the next Apple TV" (implying flop)? Sure, when I first read that there was a tablet (no suprise) I was a little underwelmed, "Sure, but what's it for?" I couldn't find a use for glorified Kindle/iPod Touch. Yeah books... so? Movies on a Kindle, bigger iTouch... What's its point.

I felt let down. So I did what I always do after an Apple anouncment, I watched it. And it hit me, I know what it's for. I know the unexpected target audience.

I've been reading every blog post and news article I can find and yet no one has mentioned who I think will the biggest beneficeries of this device; college students.

Update: http://theappleblog.com/2010/03/29/pros-cons-ipad-education/

I bought my iTouch for the primary purpos of taking notes. Sure I love the rest of it, I even use the other stuff more (because I discovered how useful "an app for that" can be), but notes were key.

Over time I've discovered that my Macbook Pro is better for notes with its keyboard, but if I had the bigger keyboard with longer battery, smaller footprint, an easy to use Pages, and maybe even my textbooks... That would be amazing.

So farther in my thinking for uses users and reviews I ran across a
blog post that showed the future of computers, spurred by Apple, with suprising insight. A complete hiding of the file system and a better experience for the end user. The iPad is just a gentle step in that direction, making people see its viability and getting people used to the idea.

Other great articles and insights into the iPad:

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