I just finished watching Watchmen...

I don't even know what to say that can follow the movie, but I'll try to bumble on as best I can.

The comic was incredible. The first practically perfect blend of graphics and story, the beautiful pictures, the detailed story.

The movie was wonderful. The blend of graphics and story, the beautiful images, the brilliant choosing of which parts of the story to keep and which parts of the story to tell in quick glimpses.

The ending was different, yes. But I think this ending flowed with the story and the current political stage better than the squid would have (despite how much I wanted to see the squid).

Lots of people talked about how many "man parts" there were, but in the (admittedly cam) version I watched I saw a total of three, and two of those weren't hardly visible.

People talked about the graphic sex scene and how awkward or awesome it was. It didn't look much different than any other sex scene from any other R rated movie out there.

When I read the comic, I was so confused by the end that I reread the squid part a lot, trying to figure out where in the world it had come from. In the movie I understood what was happening and enjoyed it immensely.

Another note on the ending. Dadgum... knew the story was intense and had powerful ramifications on how we view our lives. But wow. The shear idea of some people for many people was played out so well.

Also, the music was well-paced and relevant to each scene.

I was worried about the use of slow motion. Because after 45 minutes of 300 (that was all I could stand) I was fed up with slow motion. The Matrix brought us bullet-time and since then we have used, abused and killed it. But the slow motion was used very well in Watchmen. So well, in fact that I had to look to even notice it. It was used only to amplify and enunciate the impact of a scene.

Yes it was graphic. Yes it was brutal. Yes it was passionate. But despite all the bad reviews, it was so incredibly amazing. It was almost perfect.

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