Google Images

Anyway, I was searching Google images the other day and when I went up to set the results to show extra large pictures (I don't settle for less) the button wasn't there!

I look around and find a new button that says "search options." I click it and what would appear but a little bar on the right that contains all the options, all nice and neat:

Now while it hasn't shown back up since, I'd just like to point out how awesome it was, everything just right there in a neat little box... So I wish it would come back.

What prompted me to write this, however, was the addition of a new button, an "All colors" button which I promptly used and found out that, despite the arguable usefulness of the button, it is cool. So I looked for Link in Teal:

All this prompts me to point out just how little Google Images has changed. Google Search changes a lot for a mega-website, as does Google Video and (to a lesser extent) Google Maps.

Question: how should Google Images change? Should Google Images change? What changes should be there?

Now, since so few people read this, these are more rhetorical questions than anything else, but I still can't wait to see what else Google Images has to offer.