Now that YouTorrent has gone legal, I have been at a loss when trying to find things that Pirate Bay doesn't have.

Upon search I found three other options (one of which was so bad I won't mention it here):

PizzaTorrent & NowTorrents.

Both look almost exactly like YouTorrent, but both appear to be slower.

PizzaTorrent searches 15 sites and has 7 categories to break search results into, but takes quite a while; however it did bring up twice as many results as the other.

NowTorrent searches 13 sites and has 9 categories to break search results into.

PizzaTorrent has a text ad at the top along with a huge blank spot for no apparent reason, (it might just be IE). NowTorrent has no ads.

PizzaTorrent has Iso Hunt, Torrent Reactor, SuprNova and Vuze all of which Now* doesn't have.

NowTorrent has torrentz and fenopy which Pizza* doesn't have.

I don't know which one I will use, NowTorrent is faster so I will probably run with that, but Pizza* lets you filter your results, so I don't know.