Apple Predicts Future!

Have I ever told you how much I love Apple? From their simplistic designs to their god-like CEO to the simple fact that they oppose Microsoft... Ah, Apple...

Anyway, in reading about the end of the Internet on, towards the end of the article with the predictions of 2010, is a link to Apple's prediction (from the late 80s) of what they thought computers would be like.

Once you get around the obvious tackiness of the video (give them some slack, that time period thought we'd have flying cars by now) you may began to notice how startlingly accurate they seem to be.

Let's run down the list, shall we?
  1. A computer that talks to you: Check
  2. Video chat/calls: Check
  3. Online collaboration: Check
  4. Computers with built-in cameras: Check
  5. Answering machine message selection like emails: Check
  6. Day by day, hour by hour calenders with reminders: Check
  7. Search with smart guessing: Check
  8. Time Machine-like search: Check
  9. Personalized search: Check
  10. Automatically generated spreadsheets: Check
  11. Document comparison: Check
  12. Touch screens: Check
  13. Map search: Check
  14. Document merging: Check
  15. Graphing of predictions with variables: Check
  16. Music automatically paused during calls: Check

Wow, I wonder if their prediction people got raises;
or if they simply pushed the market in that direction to line it up with their predictions?

Either way I can't wait to see what's next.