Fads and the End of Things

I've noticed a rather nice timing thing. In the world, beliefs and fads move around the world at a rather steady pace, ex: it takes about 50 years for an idea to get from Amsterdam to America.

But on the Internet, the same is true, only much faster. Ex: Stumble-cards, here today, gone tomorrow. Everything goes through phases. It starts as a small idea, not very well thought out just among a few people. Then it gets expanded upon by some imbecilic/creative moron/person and recirculated until it blows into a phenomenon. It eventually gathers a following then fades out, carried only by the people who believe it is the greatest thing to ever hit the Internet. Eventually it starts to get emailed around and my mother tells me about it over dinner; this, "Great thing I got in my email."

I bring this up to relieve myself about one of the latest fads, Lol Cats. I hate Lol Cats with a passion. So understanding this phasing thing really helps my not smash my monitor in when I StumbleUpon yet another site all about the cuteness of cats with captions.

Let it end... Let it end soon.