Video Trace

I would like the honor of introducing you to the greatest animation breakthrough I have ever seen.

Video Trace - An application which will allow you to trace an object from a frame in a video, scrub forward in the video clip, trace some more, scrub some more, etc. Until, Eureka! You finish with a 3D model, already textured and everything. In the demo video (see below) an example of how this can be used on the fly is illustrated. The speaker traces a Jeep, pans around it, then duplicates it into the parking space next to its self and crushes it with a rock. Simple as that. What more could you want? Admittedly the application is still being developed, but if this is how it looks in its early stages; I can't wait to see it completed.

Currently the team needs more programmers and lots of money. Lot and lots. I'd print some off and send it, but my printers broken.

Demo Video

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