An Apple Store

A thing of beauty, an object worthy of admiration, an incredible masterpiece deserving of our unfettered praise. An Apple store.

If you've never been in one I would recommend going; even if just to sightsee. That's how incredible they are. I would especially like to point out the ones in malls (mostly because I've yet to be in any others).

When you first see the store, you notice it. Out of the crowded shuffle and bustle around you, your eyes are drawn to it. You just want to bask in its clean glow and stand in its glory until your mortal coil runs out because of the wonder of it all.

Frivolities aside, you will see it and notice it because it is different. Next to the stuffed clothing stores it stands open; With enough room to stretch your arms out and spin in a circle (not that you need to). Every item is nicely spaced. Everything is clean. Everything is bright if now white. you can walk straight from the front to the back without going around rack after rack of items you may or may not want. Everything is labeled. You can play with every product you see. And the products are all completely wired and working. Every program you may want to look at is installed on a machine (if not all machines) for your sampling pleasure. Every computer has Internet. You could check your email if you wanted to, read your news feeds, post to your blog, bid on Ebay. Anything.

The first thing that will happen when you walk in is that a neatly dressed employee will smile at you and ask if they can help you with anything. Just there to help, not in your face or in the corner. Always very polite and knowledgeable. Every employee can log in at any computer in the store to check anything, order status, Genius Bar Que, etc.

You should really visit, if not to purchase something, at least to experience a polite person for the day or pay homage to such a wonderful store.