iPhone Flash

I don't want Flash on my iTouch.

But why? You can do so much with Flash, movies, games, whole websites...
But it's a memory drag. On my Mac laptop, on my Windows desktop, even on my friend's Mac desktop. Flash is just a drag.

This isn't to day that HTML5 is better. It kinda seems like it could be, but only time will tell.

No. Better is an app. An app uses all the system resources it needs and when it's done, it's done. Nothing hanging around or taking up space, it's gone.

More applications on computers need to take heed to what apps do on the iPhone. Use what you need, no more no less. And when you are done, quit. Leave. Don't leave a process or two open "so it will launch quicker next time."

Flash had its day. It had a big day. Artists still use it for portfolios. But I'll give you a hint; when I run across a "creative" Flash portfolio, I leave. I don't even look, I just skip it. Flash just eats my time and my processor. I don't what to put up with it.

Flash on my iTouch? Keep your hands off of my iTouch. I'll keep my brick.