Riding a School Bus

I have mixed feelings about riding school buses. One the one hand I rather enjoyed the time to think, relax, and watch people. But on the other hand it was painful some days. After long days at school, it was almost unbearable to know that I still had a forty-five minute bus ride followed by a thirty minute walk before I could get home and relax. Most days I even had things to do after I got home.
On those bad days, listening to the people on the bus was miserable. They would go on a and on about the dumbest things. No heat or air on plastic seats made it even worse. Those bus rides were dreadful.
But on the good days listening to people mindlessly ramble made me feel good about how much better off I was then some of them. I learned how to make myself comfortable on almost any day, whether it be heat or cold or rain.
Overall I think my times on the bus were good for me. I learned some valuable lessons from them and now consider driving myself a privilege.

P.S. We only had one wreck, and it didn't even make the news.