The Automatic Detective

I just finished reading a book called The Automatic Detective by A. Lee Martinez and I just wanted to point out just how much it rocked. Who would have ever thought that a personality-less robot would have so much personality.

Here's my favorite quote: "When you get out of the hospital, I suggest you consider the following equation: whatever diminishing percentage of control you have over my systems divided by the rating of my patience index. Now multiply that by zero and you'll get the odds that I won't kill you the next time I see you. Understood?"

Now, this was published in 2008, and I wonder how long it will take someone to make a movie of it, and just how bad they'll do it.

Here's a nice review of the book:

Image credit: Me (But, as a side note, I wanted to point out the oddity in the picture. I searched for The Automatic Detective and thought the eighth result looked so out of place and funny I'd post it.)