My Favorite TV Shows

Keep in mind, I don't ever watch TV, and I watch these on my computer. So I don't get the wonderful commercial breaks which, I'm sure contribute greatly to the shows. Also, these are not in any order, since I can't make comparisons; All with the exception of the first one which is the greatest show ever made.

Firefly: Great script and superb characters.

The Big Bang Theory: So funny with so much geek talk.

Pushing Daisies: Very original with great sets and wonderful acting.

The Mentalist: Patrick Jane is like a modern Sherlock Holmes.

Supernatural: Good Plot, great execution.

The IT Crowd (Season 1+2): Until season three it was a very funny show, especially Richmond.

Hogan's Heroes: Great humor, wonderful acting.

Dr. Who: "I'm the Doctor."

Dr. Horrible: So clever and with such music.

Invader Zim: "I was the turkey all along."

Eleventh Hour: Nice switch from the regular crime show.

Futurama: Just funny.