I just read a headline that said "Spore massively pirated despite DRM." Now I don't get this; Despite? It's pirated for ease of use. I'm considering buying the game for the license and then downloading the torrent to skip the DRM.
I don't know that I want to wait that long for a download, or pay that much for a game, but you get my drift.
The pirates are smart, they get the game by some means, then they code out the DRM, and redistribute it. So your options work out to be, pay $50 dollars and be treated like a criminal, or download it free and illegally with no restrictions. DRM defeats its own purpose.
EA says they will relax the DRM for Command and Conquer, and then further if piracy is low. NO! That's not the point; piracy will be high if the game is good. In fact I've seen horrible reviews for movies, yet they are highest downloaded. DRM is not the way to stop piracy.
This site says it really well: http://hehe2.net/drm/why-its-time-to-kick-drm-to-the-curb/