Best Canceled TV Shows (That I Liked)

I seem to notice that all of the TV shows I can get excited about always wind up getting canceled. Why? I don't know why, but these are my favorites:

Invader Zim;          Brilliant show. Funny, not any subconscious learning going on in the background. Not a bit of, "Hey, let's try to string a plot together through the course of the show." Gir was the greatest thing to hapen to TV; ever.

Firefly;             I only ran across this one recently; I have heard people talk about how great it is, but never seen it for myself. So I finally watched it. I was almost through the first (last) season before I learned that the show was doomed to only one season. Argh. I wanted to find out the Sheapard's secret history.

Futurama;       This show is just funny on all levels. "Bite my shiny metal ***."