Reason #(something) I Hate Microsoft

Do you know what the most recent thing I hate about Microsoft is?
XPS (XML Paper Specification).
It is their new answer to PDF; they want to beat PDF and convert the world to their "genious" XPS format.

Now, I normally don't mind to much with Microsoft's feeble attempts to take over the world, but this one hit home.

For me to print from my Windows, I have to "print" the file with Microsoft's PDF printer, then send it to my Mac to print it since the USB ports don't work on my Windows. Not to much trouble right?

Well Microsoft went and did what Apple was lambasted for; installed updates. I know, they do that regularly. But this time they uninstalled the PDF printer and installed in its place this XPS trash. They even installed a viewer, since we obviously don't have anything else that can read this new format.

Two problems:
     1.I can't open this new format on my Mac without paying $25 for Microsoft software to do so.

     2.The XPS view on my Windows doesn't even work, because my machine isn't fast enough to run it. Yea, go back and read that sentence again.

Now to sum up what I just told you; Microsoft, without asking, uninstalled a program that I use a lot. Microsoft then installed a program to replace the one they just removed, but using a format that no one can read yet. Then they nicely, without asking, installed a program to view this new format, but I can't use it since my computer is to slow!

And I have a computer security teacher that doesn't like Macs because they make him do things one certain way (which I do agree with, but that's just because it's the right way), but he doesn't think Microsoft does that. Read thise problems again. They screwed me.