Secular Smoothy

I'm going to dip my toe in a very hot subject here. I hope I make it out alive.

Let's start with a very political statement, one of my beliefs; "Secularism is a lie from the pit of hell."
Now, let me explain.

All things were created by God; humans, plants, animals, just to name a few. But also beer, guns, sex, goverment, families, etc. Some created directly by Him, others by the brains He gave to people. Other things, like drunkenness and porn are things He created which were then distorted by the devil (who, by the way, He also created; but not for evil).

Secularism is a derivative of secular: "A doctrine that rejects religion and religious considerations."

Now, if secularism rejects religion, then it rejects God. If it rejects God, then it rejects everything God has made. Secularists oviously don't do that, since they are still breathing. So therefore they assign the tag of secularism to anything they don't think has any religious significance; such as food, clothes, air, goverment and anything else that they can see no visible connection with God through. Now, based on the definition, that means if they apply "secular" to anything, they are lying since God directly or indirectaly has created all things.

Now, when secularism is applied to goverment and all else is banned, that means that every politician has to set aside their religion to participate. But since religion is in everything, they simply lie so they can enact laws (that all work out to simply be a dirivitive of the ten commandments).

Government needs to be deeply rooted in religion; not the other way around, mind you, if rooted the other way people's sinful desires get involved and things like the crusades happen. But there needs to be a healthy mix.