Conspiracy Loop

I am somewhat of a conspiracy theorist in my spare time and I will now outline the most recent theory I have outlined in my head.

Everything is on a loop.

I'm not talking about history repeating its self, I'm talking about a time frame I haven't quite figured out yet (somewhere between 11 hours and two days.

So what do I mean? I have noticed that if something happens to me while driving (ie: getting cut off, or an illegal turn etc.) I almost always see it happen with me in the other spot or in a different person's view later in the day or week. So if I realize I am taking a wrong turn and make a dangerous movement to correct myself, I will inevitably have the experience of someone cutting me off in the same fashion later in the day or week.

So, I say we are in the Matrix with the computer running a playlist on loop with different people filling each role every cycle. Occasionally a desaster or other event is thrown in to mix things up a bit and to keep people from noticing the loop.

End of Nuttiness.