Apple Innovation

I want to pay homage to a quote I read today. I summed up Apple in a way I can only dream of thinking. You can read the full quote here, but to sum it up he explains how Apple... nevermind, here's the good part,

In the end, this is what makes Apple-watching fun–because they somehow manage to produce upgrades that include features that are genuinely useful and fun and (you) didn’t even imagine you wanted or needed.
Now, is that not the greatest point? I had tried applications that "Quick-Looked," and applications that "Exposed;" But none of them were very compelling or easy to use or even worth the memory they sucked from the system. But when Apple put them in their operating system, I loved them. I use them daily (if not hourly or minute-ly). Apple just makes thing easy and seem so obvious (combining web browsing, music-player and a phone all-in-one). After Apple does it, everyone else has to catch up (Windows), but Apple keeps pulling ahead. Regardless of how much hype is speculated-on before a WWDC, everyone is still blown away by what happens. From the iPhone to partnering with Windows (I didn't say good shock). Regardless of what it is they Steve still blows us away every time.