New Use for PicLens

I may or may not have mentioned PicLens before (I'm to lazy busy to look back through more than 100 posts (minuscule, I'm sure); But regardless PicLens is a brilliant way to look at search results. When I search for an image, I generally come up with a couple hundred-thousand results. Looking at them 10 at a time is very time consuming. So I use PicLens instead. I just run the search like normal (on Google Images, Flickr, Youtube, etc.) and click the PicLens icon on the browser window. Bam! I am instantly immersed in my pictures in a very cool format.

See for yourself...

That out of the way, I have now found a new use for it from Open a new tab in FireFox, drag a folder of pictures from your desktop or somewhere, and presto; you can use PicLens to view those pictures too.