Must be Biased

People keep avoiding gender and race in this election cycle, so I'm taking it there.
//WARNING politically incorrect opinions ahead!\\

When 9/11 happened, would rather have a man in office (incompetent or not), or a woman who lets emotions make her decisions?

Would you rather: A person who has beliefs (even if they are different than yours), or a man who can't decide what he believes or who he believes?

Would you rather have a mafia-like individual running your country or a backwoods cowboy?

Would you rather have a president who chooses wrong, or a president who is horrible, yet goes down in history books as the first?

I'll put it like this, we're screwed. Plain and simple, no matter who we get; we are screwed.

We need to realize that none of the people who could actually be good presidents made it to the primaries. So we are left with three pathetic candidates.

They all will stink. They all will fail. They all will make the wrong choices. But two of them will go down in history as the first of their kind.

//End Rant\\

By the way, if Obama announces Oprah as his running mate, he will win. Period. There will be world peace, and no one will say any different. (They won't be allowed to.)

On a side note look at what Google spell checker suggested for Obama: