The Society of a Floor

I just saw a blogpost about a "supertower". Now, I really don't think this thing will happen anytime soon, but reading the building's web page makes me realize, at least to an extent, why society is screwed up.

The building is separated into floors, each floor housing 600 people in a "neighborhood"; every twenty floors being a "village"; and the whole building divided into three "super-districts"; each with its own government representative sitting in The House of Parliament.

How does this make me realize what is wrong with the world today? Well, it fits in with another article I read a while back, What's Up With Celebrity?. Humans are made to interact with each other and since we don't ever see our neighbors, we find common people to watch and follow, as though they lived in our community.

This building idea realizes this human premise in the form of floors with their own communities and societies.
Now admittedly, I don't know that I would want to live there due to terrorism and all, but I still love the premise. the society of a floor