Email to RSS

I remember way back when... (Let me try again).

A long time ago... (No)

Once upon a time, not so very long ago (that's better) in the beginning of the internet boom (1994ish) I would find a page or site I liked, and would franticly look for the "subscribe to email updates" button. Upon not finding it I would bookmark (write the address down) and try to remember to go back there every now and again, I still find notes I had written to myself trying to remember to go back there.

Now I just click the little orange button in the address bar in Firefox and forget about it.

I bring this up because I still see little tiny "subscribe to email updates" button now and again, and wonder what I ever did without RSS readers.

I sometime ask myself, in brief moments of weakness, if I wouldn't rather have email updates. Then I slap myself upside the head and go read a couple hundred posts.

I tried to figure out why this was the case recently, and I came to the realization that email is just about the worst way to give updates to a heavy internet user. You have to know a lot to be able to embed pictures, videos, games and more into emails; whereas in a blog it's normally just a push of a button.

Yes, some people would rather have email updates, but I for one believe in keeping my news and friends separate.