Keyboard Shortcuts

If not for keyboard shortcuts, the best computer user would have to have three hands. One for the mouse and two for the keyboard. Keyboard shortcuts simplify our lives so much but so often we take them for granted. Not any more! This post has set out to change that.

Ctrl+C Ctrl+V - Two of the greatest keyboard shortcuts in the history of man. Copy. Paste. Genius. Other great keyboard shortcuts are good but don't come close to the wonder and awe expressed towards those two simple key combinations.

Ctrl+Alt+Delete - If David Bradley hadn't implemented that command into Windows, we'd probably still be stuck in the first program crash, wondering how to get out short of unplugging the computer.

Command+Q - Quit. Quite possibly the most used shortcut on the Mac, this command closes out of any application.

Command+W - Possibly the second used. Just closes the current window.

Alt+F4 - Comparable to Command+Q. (But on a Windows, so not.)

FN - The so oft overlooked key on any Mac keyboard, this key is my savior when I need to see the desktop.

So many more; Why don't you try to find your own?