Favorite Greasemonkey Scripts

I now give you a list of my favorite Greasemonkey scripts:

1. Google Images Enlarger - In Google Images the previews are so small and I don't want to have to click through to every picture just to see the fine details. Google Images Enlarger gives me a preview of the picture when I roll my cursor over the thumbnail.

2. Better Tube 3.6.0 - Shows me select video sites enlarged and without the clutter. Youtube videos show up a s big as my browser will allow with only a download link on the page next to them.

3. Auto Add Feed to Google Reader - When I click on a RSS link it always takes me to a page asking if I want it on my iGoogle page or my Google Reader page. Not any more, with Auto Add Feed to Google Reader (Wow they need a shorter name!), it sends the feed straight to Google Reader.

4. GPE - I hate it when a post in my RSS reader says, "Click through to see the rest of the post." Why? I want the whole thing there. That's why I signed up for the feed in the first place; So I wouldn't have to load page after page. GPE (nice short name by the way) lets me click on the header for the post and then loads the page right in Google Reader. Yeah!

5. Gmail Quota Graph - Ever wonder how much space you are using in your Gmail account compared to how much growing space you have? Gmail Quota Graph puts a little graph on the left side of the Gmail page under the tags list showing, visually, how much space you aren't using.

6. Gmail Spam-Count Hide - The spam count number doesn't make my life any better. So this script removes it. Simple huh?