I like machinima, I really do. But WOW machinima can only go so far before you realize that every time someone dances it is exactly the same dance routine as the last time he danced.

This guy, Percula has perfected machinima to the 'nth* degree. In a machinima called, "The Craft of War: BLIND," Percula has animated the already made WOW models so as to have much more variety in his film.

When you watch it, notice the facial movements, the guard's hand when going up the rail, notice the trumpet blast in the movie is timed with the trumpet in the music, the timing of everything to fit the music, etc.

Just watch it:

The Craft of War: BLIND from percula on Vimeo.

*- I hear people say, 'nth degree, but I'm just guessing at the spelling; for all I know I just insulted the mother of an angry tribal leader of an undiscovered tribe in North Dakota.